What is C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series? C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is a Tutorial Series available on YouTube for C++ intermediate/advanced users, in which a Cross-Platform 3D Game is built from scratch in C++ by using the OpenGL Graphics API.
Make your own 3D Game from scratch (literally) In C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series you'll learn how to design and implement a 3D Game and its subsystems completely from scratch at low-level: Graphics Engine, Input System ,Entity System, Collision Detection by means of Win32, Cocoa and X11 APIs, OpenGL 4 Graphics API and many other low-level libs!
Code on your favourite platform Thanks to OpenGL Graphics API, that is supported on all the major operating systems, it is possible to develop the C++ 3D Game on Windows (through Visual Studio 2019 IDE), macOS and Linux (through QT Creator IDE)
Exploit the Modern C++ Features In this series will be exploited where possible the various features of the Modern C++ (C++ 11/14/17 etc.), like smart pointers, lambda functions, filesystem etc.
Source Code on GitHub The source code written during the series is accessible from the OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series GitHub Repository.
Two GitHub repositories are currently available:
- a Public Tutorial Series Repository, updated at each video tutorial release
- a Private Patreon Repository, updated with the source code of the next tutorials weeks before the public release
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