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through Patreon to work on Pard Engine,
illuxUI and the various Tutorial Series.
See Goals for more detail
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18 patrons: Release of a Video Tutorial each month  
26 patrons: Release of a Video Tutorial each 3 weeks  
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The main goal of PardCode is to provide free of charge all the necessary tools and resources for game development at low and high level, in particular:
  • Pard Engine, Game Engine for 2D/3D Game Development, provided with an easy to use visual toolset,
  • illuxUI, GUI Framework for Desktop and Graphics Application Development,
YouTube Tutorial Series:
However, the development of the above mentioned projects requires a not indifferent amount of time and work.
If you find these projects helpful, please consider to support their development on Patreon.
By Donating Monthly on Patreon, a crowfunding platform for creators, you:
  • get the access to the private GitHub repository of:
    • C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series (updated with the source code of the next tutorials weeks before their public release),
    • C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series (DirectX), (updated with exclusive features not included in the public series).
  • support the development of:
    • Pard Engine,
    • illuxUI,
    • the various YouTube Tutorial Series (C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series, C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series (DirectX)).
More exclusive contents will be available in the future as the development of the various projects (Pard Engine, illuxUI and the Tutorial Series) proceeds.
If the monthly donations reach the goals listed down below, PardCode will be able to work Full-Time on the projects above mentioned.
More goals will be reached, more contents and tutorials will be achieved and completed in less time.
18 patrons: Release of a Video Tutorial each month  
26 patrons: Release of a Video Tutorial each three weeks  
50 patrons: Release of a Video Tutorial each two weeks  
180 patrons: Half-Time Job  
500 patrons: Full-Time Job
The patrons listed below are generously donating 5$ or more per month
  • Neil W.
  • REX L.
  • James K.
  • Oli H.
  • Patrick B.
  • Slotho
  • Jack
  • JaviFML
The list of patrons is updated automatically.
If you want to be added/removed to/from the list, please send a message to PardCode via Patreon.
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