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Thank you for your interest in supporting our work!
You can support the development of Pard Engine and the various Tutorial Series through Patreon with monthly donations.
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Supporting the development of Pard Engine, illuxUI and Tutorial Series

The main goal of PardCode is to provide free of charge all the necessary tools and resources for game development at low and high level, in particular:
  • Pard Engine, Game Engine for 2D/3D Game Development, provided with an easy to use visual toolset,
  • illuxUI, GUI Framework for Desktop and Graphics Application Development,
YouTube Tutorial Series:
The donations will be used to:
  • support our developer/s to develop and mantain all the projects above mentioned, in such a way to speed up the development times.
  • fund equipment purchases (e.g. software, hardware etc.) required for easier testing and development of all the projects.
  • pay for software licenses and other project expenses such as websites, web hostings, tutorials, marketing etc.
It's really important to us that Pard Engine, illuxUI and the various Tutorial Series are/will be all available for free and your donations will make that possible!

How to donate?

You can support us via Patreon, a platform that allows creators to crowdfund their work.
PardCode launched a Patreon page with the goal to get enough financial support to develop and mantain Full-Time the following projects:
  • Pard Engine
  • illuxUI
  • YouTube Tutorial Series
The progress bar placed at the top of this page (and in the header bar) indicates the current percentage amount of donations in $ per month.
Once the progress bar will have reached the 100% or more, PardCode will be able to switch from his current Full-Time Job to another Full-Time Job completely dedicated to the above mentioned projects.
Thank you for all your interest in supporting our work!
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Current Patrons at the $5 tier and above are listed below as a thank you for their support.
The patrons listed below are generously donating $5 or more per month
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  • Aiguo W.
  • Team L. A.
  • Eazy W.
  • Lester L.
  • Jordan P.
  • darkassazi
  • Wade F.
  • Cihan E. .
  • Guarded S.
  • Antoine D.
  • Robin Z.
  • Antoine D.
  • Emmet O.
  • JeDhi Y.
  • Fidalgo
The list of patrons is updated automatically.
If you want to be added/removed to/from the list, please send a message to PardCode via Patreon.
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