What is C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series? C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series is a YouTube tutorial series for C++ Beginners whose purpose is to help all those who want to take their first steps in the game development from scratch.
Implement your own Graphics Engine C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series will show you step by step how to make a Graphics Engine in order to draw or render 3D Graphics Scenes completely from the ground up, through the help of the DirectX Graphics API.
Interact through Mouse and Keyboard In order to give life to a game, inputs from the user are essentials. C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series will also give you an help to build an Input System through which you'll can manage input devices like mouse and keyboard!
Shaders and Graphical Effects All the 3D games out there are provided with mind blowing graphics effects, achieved through the so-called Shaders. This tutorial series will face the creation of many graphics effects by using the HLSL language, like Bump Mapping, Lighting, Post-Processing Effects etc.
Build a final Game Framework and Sample The various software systems created along the way will be used to make a final Game Framework, CX3D, along with various Samples, like a SpaceShooter Game, that will be improved and completed during the series.
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