PardCode Website is finally out!
After some weeks of work, finally the website is ready.
Wednesday 12th August 2020

Some weeks of work have been required, but finally the website is ready to show the various details and news about the projects in development, in particular about Pard Engine, illuxUI and the C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series.

A bit of work has been required in order to make the website as responsive as possible, in such a way to be visualizable to a big range of devices, from desktops to laptops, from tablets to smartphones.

Probably further work will be necessary to make it more stable and functional, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

At the moment there is no comments section in which the news and other aspects of the website can be commented. To solve this issue, at each news released, a relative post will be created in the Twitter, YouTube and Discord channels. This will be done even in the new Facebook Page.

For any feedback, suggestion or question about this website and/or the various projects, don't hesitate to make it to the various social channels and/or by email!


The website is composed of the following pages:

  • Home Page, composed of
    • an initial slider, where the visitor can navigate through various slides. In each slide will be placed brief information relative to a specific project in development or a specific news, together with some images.
    • a list of the last three news published
    • a section about the supporters
  • News Page, where all the news are listed in a chronological order.
  • The various Projects Pages, in particular about Pard Engine, illuxUI and C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series
    • the layout of these projects pages is the same:
      • at the beginning we have a really brief introduction along with the project logo
      • at the end the various features and information of the project are listed
  • Supporters page, identical to the Home Page Supporters section, where the names of the various supporters are listed.
  • Contact Page, where, instead, the contact information along with the links to the various social channels are available.

All these pages have in common some particular sections:

  • the menu on the top, through which it is possible to reach the various pages available in the website easily
  • the side bar on the right, where the shortcuts to the various social channels are placed
  • the footer section, composed of:
    • a newsletter subscription section, where the visitor can subscribe to the newsletter to receive the various news by email


At this point I want to thank all of you! In particular I want to thank all the Patrons, who have kindly offered economic support, and all the YouTube, Discord, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook followers and viewers for their interest.

I'll do my best to deserve all your support!




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