OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 8 Early Access Out Now - Creating the Entity System
The eighth tutorial of OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is finally available in early access!
Saturday 26th February 2022


OpenGL 3D Game | Tutorial 8 | Early Access

The source code of the 8th tutorial of the C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is now available in early access for the Patrons!

In this tutorial we will see how to make our first Entity System!

In particular in this tutorial we will face several parts:

  • how to design and implement the Entity System and its various classes
  • how to exploit the Entity System classes in order to create our own entities (e.g. OCubeEntity) and the default ones (the ones used internally by the engine/game, like OCamera)
  • the making of our own game class (using the OGame class), in such a way to create any kind of scenes we want (like the city in the image)

In the end, we will face an important graphics topic, Depth Testing , in order to render correctly the various objects/meshes on the screen without weird effects, like overlapping.

The source code has been commented/documented in order to give hints of what happens under the hood.

The code works on Windows, macOS and Linux!

Here is the link :

I hope you'll enjoy it!
Thank you for all your support!



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