OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 6 Early Access Out Now - The Matrix
The sixth tutorial of OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is finally available in early access!
Tuesday 18th January 2022


OpenGL 3D Game | Tutorial 6 | Early Access

The source code of the 6th tutorial of the C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is now available in early access for the Patrons!

In this tutorial we will see how to create and use The Matrix!

In particular we will see: 

  • how to create the Transform Matrix class and its related methods like setRotation, setTranslation etc.
  • how to mutiply different matrices all together like scale matrix, rotation matrix and translation matrix in order to create the final transform matrix called world matrix.
  • how to pass the World Matrix data from C++ to the shaders by means of the UBO
  • how to use the World Matrix passed to the shaders to scale, rotate and translate our quadrilateral polygon!

The code works on Windows, macOS and Linux!

Here is the link :

I hope you'll enjoy it!
Thank you for all your support!



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