OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 2 Early Access - Making Cross-Platform 3D Engine
The second tutorial of OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is finally available in early access!
Sunday 24th October 2021


OpenGL 3D Game | Tutorial 2 | Early Access

The source code of the 2nd tutorial of the C++ OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series is now available in early access for the Patrons!

In this tutorial we will see how to make our Cross-Platform OpenGL 3D Engine!

In particular we will see: 

  • how to initialize OpenGL functions, through the usage of the Glad library
  • how to create the so called OpenGL Render Context, through which we will be able to send draw commands to the GPU.
  • how to render the content of our window with a specific color.

Last but not least, starting from this tutorial we will finally support Linux and macOS through the usage of X11 and Cocoa APIs.
In this way those who like to develop on macOS and Linux, will be able to follow the development of OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series on their favourite platforms!

The IDE we will use on macOS and Linux (in particular Ubuntu) will be QT Creator, a simple, powerful and easy to use Cross-Platform C++ IDE that takes few minutes to be set up.

P.S.: We will not use the QT Libraries, we will simply use the QT Creator IDE in order to write our code from scratch.

Here is the link to the QT Installer:



Here is the Patreon link :

I hope you'll enjoy it!
Thank you for all your support!



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