C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series is BACK!
After a year, C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series is finally BACK with the 31st tutorial!
Friday 26th August 2022

C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series is BACK!




Many months have passed away since the C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series has been paused!

But finally, after a year of OpenGL 3D Game Tutorials, it's arrived the moment to continue again our adventure with DirectX.

This decision has been taken after I've received many requests to bring the series back.

Also, since there are so many topics to introduce and features to add (and to improve) yet, this could be the right moment to go ahead.

That said, from now on, we will continue our journey with both the DirectX and OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial Series.

In particular, today, we will face the 31st tutorial of C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series.


Creating the Game Engine | C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series #31

So let's go ahead with the 31st tutorial, in which we will finally start to create the Game Engine!

In particular, in this video tutorial we will face:

  • a properly reorganization of all the source code files,
  • a general improvement of the design of the systems created so far
  • the initial transformation of our current Game Framewok in a Game Engine.

The 31st tutorial is a very long tutorial, in which a lot of topics are touched.

So, if you have questions, doubts or comments, please don't esitate to leave them in the comment section of the video, in the Discord Server, Twitter or Facebook.


Source Code

The source code written in the 31st tutorial is available at the following address:




That's all for now, folks!

I hope You'll enjoy the 31st tutorial of the C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series!

Thank you so much for all your interest!


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