Game Engine Architecture | Game Engine Development Series
The second tutorial of the Game Engine Tutorial Series has been just published!
Tuesday 20th July 2021

Game Engine Architecture | Game Engine Tutorial Series #2


Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Game Engine Tutorial Series.
In this second episode we will start to design the game engine architecture!

In particular we will see how various components can be used to integrate different functionalities like graphics, physics, audio and so on.
And we will also see how to implement the entry point for our Game Engine!

Visual Studio 2019 Community:


INFO: A new branch called tutorials has been pushed in the GitHub Repository of Ground Engine.
The purpose of this branch is to contain the code of Ground Engine subdivided by tutorial.
Here is the link:


I hope You'll enjoy this second tutorial of the Game Engine Tutorial Series!
And If you have any question about this tutorial, you can leave a comment on Discord, YouTube and the comments section below.







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