Game Engine Development Series
A new Tutorial Series has just landed!
Tuesday 29th June 2021

A new Tutorial Series has just landed: Game Engine Development Series




A lot of time has passed since C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series has started!

We have developed many things during these 30 episodes (2 years and half), like the Window with Win32 API, a 3D Graphics Engine with DirectX 11 Support and an Input System.

Through these software systems we have also achieved various demos, like the Animated Earth and the Space Shooter Game.

All of this from scratch!

But the series had gotten to the point where the title "C++ 3D Game" wouldn't had sense anymore,

because the subsequent tutorials would faced mainly Game Engine Development related topics.

That's why it's arrived the time to turn the page, and let a new adventure begin.


P.S.: Thank you so much for all your support, mates! Thank you for the interest and the patience you have had (I know, it must have been tough to wait several weeks for each tutorial)! This meant a lot to me!

Thank you!

I'll try to do my best to release the next tutorials more quickly.


Game Engine Development Series

So let's turn the page to a new Tutorial Series:

Game Engine Development Series!


As the name suggests, in the Game Engine Development Series we will build a game engine completely from the ground up!

In this series we won't focus mainly on the Graphics like we have already done previously with C++ 3D Game Tutorial Series, but we will focus at a more high level, in particular on the game engine architecture.

We will see

  • how various software components (like Graphics Engine, Input System, Entity Component System GUI System and so on) can be added and integrated into the game engine architecture,
  • how those components can interact with each other to create a concrete 3D Game
  • and, most importantly, how to create our SDK (Software Development Kit), complete of API, Dynamic Libraries and Samples!

The tutorials will be composed in the same way of the previous series:

  • Requirements Part
  • Design Part: from now on we will use UML and StarUML tools. These tools will simplify the design of a complex software system like a game engine.
  • Implementation Part: I know, it's the time to update Visual Studio. Indeed, from the first tutorial we will use Visual Studio 2019 Community for the implementation of our engine!

Also, it's really difficult to handle an unnamed project. That's why in this tutorial series we will give a name to our game engine, and we will call it Ground Engine!


Source Code on GitHub

The source code written in the various tutorials will be accessible from the public Ground Engine GitHub Repository.

In particular two versions will be provided :

  • Tutorial Series Version, where the source code will be updated on the public GitHub Repository at each video tutorial release
  • Patreon Version, where the source code will be updated on the private GitHub Repository on a daily and/or weekly basis

In this way I'll be able to provide much more contents (making video tutorials, unfortunately, it's really time consuming, however i'll try to make more than one video during a month)



That's all for now, folks!

I hope You'll enjoy this first tutorial of the Game Engine Development Series!

And If you have any question about this topic, you can leave a comment on Discord, YouTube and the comments section below.



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