What is Game Engine Development Series? Game Engine Development Series is a YouTube Tutorial Series whose purpose is to help all those who want to create a C++ Game Engine completely from the ground up! You'll learn how to design and implement a 3D Game Engine, how to integrate different subsystems like Graphics Engine, Entity Component System and so on, and how to make your own SDK complete of API.
Ground Engine Ground Engine is the name of the 3D Game Engine that will be developed during the series.
Make your own Game Engine Making a Game Engine from scratch is not an easy task! Game Engine Development Series will teach you how to design and implement a Game Engine and how to develop and integrate software sub-systems like Graphics Engine, Input System, Entity System, GUI System etc.
Source Code on GitHub The source code written in the various tutorials is accessible from the Ground Engine GitHub Repository.
Two Source Code Versions are provided:
- Tutorial Series Version, updated on the public GitHub Repository at each video tutorial release
- Patreon Version, updated on the private GitHub Repository on a daily and/or weekly basis
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